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Individuals seeking higher education, such as from the University of South Florida, the University of Tampa, or another local college, are liable to academic (as well as criminal) penalties if convicted of violating the law. If you were charged with drunk or impaired driving, sometimes referred to as driving while intoxicated (DWI) in other states, whether from alcohol or drugs of any kind, promptly speak with a Tampa college student DUI lawyer.

Criminal defense professionals at Jeff Marshall Law counsel clients attending college at various local institutions. We provide UT & USF student DWI defense along with dedicated representation for any additional or related offenses that a student may incur, such as underage drinking and possession of alcohol or reckless driving.

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Laws for Driving Under the Influence in Florida

Florida takes drunk driving very seriously, and this is reflected in its legislation. State law prohibits any motorist from driving while drunk, incapacitated from drugs or prescription medication, or otherwise found to be too impaired to drive safely. Florida also follows the law of “implied consent.” This means that, as a registered driver, your consent to sobriety testing when prompted is assumed, and refusing to do so can bring penalties against you.

A blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 or above is considered legally intoxicated or “per se” intoxicated. This means that the arresting officer requires no further evidence to determine that you are too impaired to drive safely. Even if you are below the legal limit, the officer can choose to conduct additional sobriety tests and may consider you to be unable to operate a vehicle. This can be particularly relevant in cases of impairment from drugs or medication.

A BAC of 0.04 is also considered legally drunk for commercial drivers, and a BAC of 0.15 or higher is considered to be an aggravated DUI violation. The state has “zero tolerance” laws for drivers under 21 being impaired. They can be charged if they have a BAC of at least 0.02 or if they are otherwise found to be impaired by any substance. A BAC of 0.02 will yield significant penalties, and a BAC of 0.08 or more subjects minors to adult-level penalties.

Does Getting a DUI Affect College Enrollment or Benefits?

DUI crimes, along with other illegal violations, can put the accused student at risk of enduring academic ramifications if convicted. Before considering the possible scholastic penalties, thought should also be given to how the punishments for a DUI under state law would impact a student’s ability to focus on or attend to their studies.

Penalties after a conviction depend on:

  • Whether the student has previous convictions for impaired driving on their record
  • If the student is below the legal drinking age
  • If there were any aggravating factors in the offense, such as having a BAC of 0.15 (or 0.8 if underage) or causing an accident resulting in property damage or personal injury

Punishment can include heavy fines, vehicle impoundment, license suspension, and jail time lasting multiple months. A college student is likely to struggle, and their academic career will suffer if they rely on driving themselves to campus. Furthermore, serving a jail sentence would cause them to miss classes, and the conviction may delay or restrict their education.

In addition to these penalties under the law, students may also face punishment from their school, such as:

  • Losing their scholarship or financial aid
  • Having their degree revoked
  • Penalties for violating the school’s code of conduct
  • Academic suspension or expulsion
  • Evidence of their conviction on permanent scholastic records that can follow them elsewhere


Q: How Much Does a College Student DUI Lawyer Cost in Florida?

A: How much you may spend on a college DUI defense attorney depends on the charges’ severity, the experience/reputation of the attorney, and whether the case reaches trial. A student may pay more if their offense involves underage or excessive drinking or if another person was harmed.

Each attorney has their own way of charging clients; some charge hourly, and others may request a flat fee. A lawyer with a successful case record may also choose to charge more for their time.

Q: What Is the 10-Day Rule for DUI in Florida?

A: The 10-day rule in Florida traffic law is that a defendant convicted of their first DUI will have their vehicle impounded by the state for a period of ten days. The state may also impound any other vehicles belonging to the defendant. It’s important to consult with a DUI defense lawyer if you are facing a drunk driving charge since you may be without a method of transportation if your family isn’t nearby or doesn’t have another vehicle.

Q: What Happens If You Get a DUI While Under 21 in Florida?

A: If you’re under 21 in Florida, you may face serious punishment if charged with driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs. For a first offense with a blood alcohol content of 0.02 or above, your driver’s license is subject to suspension for six months. For a second DUI offense when underage, the license suspension is one year.

If you refuse the breathalyzer or other chemical sobriety test (for first or second offenses), the suspension will be an additional six months.

Q: How Likely Is Jail Time for a First DUI in Florida?

A: For a first DUI violation, the likelihood of jail time depends on the level of your blood alcohol content (BAC) and whether your offense was aggravated. No matter if you’re underage or an adult aged 21 or older, a BAC of 0.08 or more leaves you susceptible to up to six months of jail time if convicted. If you have a BAC of 0.15 or higher, or if a passenger under 18 was present at the time of the arrest, incarceration may be up to nine months.

FL College Student DUI Defense to Help Protect Your Education

At Jeff Marshall Law, our skilled legal team helps college students at UT and USF, along with several other institutions across the state of Florida. If you’re pursuing an education, you’re likely already stressed and overwhelmed with balancing your studies in addition to your personal or work life. Schedule a consultation with a defense attorney who can oversee your DUI violation.



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