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Jeff Marshall Law is the result of hard work, always has been and always will be. Our Lawyers have been in prominent positions handling complex cases in and around Tampa courtrooms for decades. That kind of experience is measured in more than just years on the calendar. Jeff Marshall Law is recognized by local judges and attorneys when it comes to proven results and tough fights. Many of those fights were thrust upon our lawyers while working for elected officials and on court-appointed cases. Then we created Tampa Legal Team to capitalize on working together with other great lawyers. Along with Joseph Registrato, now retired, the combination of experience in military combat, investigative journalism, stage and theater, and even philosophy made Jeff Marshall Law a premier criminal defense force. No cause is more important than when life, liberty, and that precious pursuit of happiness is at stake. Never Surrender is our historic call to defend our clients.

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Jeff Scott

1600 E. 8th Ave; Ste A200
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