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Six-Figure Award

Our Client, a Combat Veteran, was falsely arrested. We sued the United States in Federal Court. After a trial, we secured a six-figure judgment, even after the United States attempted to appeal.


Our Client, living in a boarding house, was charged with Attempted Murder facing life in prison. We established that the victim had other enemies and the assailant could have been any number of those people that committed this crime. This helped get the jury on our side for a NOT GUILTY.


Our Client was left at a crash over the legal limit with the keys to his vehicle. The State decided to prosecute him for DUI. Our client denied that he was operating the vehicle. The Jury sided with the defense and gave us a NOT GUILTY.

Not Guilty

Our Client was charged with Aggravated Battery with a Gun facing life in prison. The victim had gunshot wounds and swore our client held him at gunpoint. The jury did not believe it based on the facts we established. Our client did not even have to testify to get his NOT GUILTY.

Not Guilty

Our Client, a struggling father, was charged with Battery by Strangulation and faced five years in prison. The relationship with the mother was tumultuous and divisive. After a hard-fought trial with a difficult victim, the jury believed our version of events and concluded he was NOT GUILTY.

Not Guilty

Our Client was charged with Delivery of Controlled Substances and facing 30 years in prison. This young man grew up in a tough neighborhood and had frequently been approached by undercover detectives looking for drugs. The trials ended in two NOT GUILTY verdicts.

Not Guilty

Our Client was facing 15 years in prison for selling drugs to an informant. We developed a clear case of overreaching. The video only showed our client making change for the informant. The detectives wanted the jury to believe more than that. The jury agreed with us and found my client NOT GUILTY.


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